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Statista estimates there will be 268,692 app downloads in 2017. Mobile apps provide a direct line of communication and interaction with your clients. They can also be the perfect technology to use for your next big idea. Aresco Media has experience in app development across multiple platforms and industries.

All of our app development projects start with an initial consultation stage where we discuss the requirements of the project and work with you to develop the concept. We only move to the actual development once we have thoroughly investigated and planned everything, created wire frames, mockups and often even do pre-development User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

The development process involves regular meetings to show progress and to iron out any questions we might have and to help you prepare for the launch. Our app development service covers everything you need to go live, including migration to your servers, app store preparation and submission.

We’ve worked on simple branding apps, medium sized client interaction apps all the way up to directory platforms with backend CMS capabilities.

App Development
iOS App Development

Design and Development of Native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad using the latest technology and design guidelines.

Android App Development

Apps for the Google Play Store, Amazon and easy private distribution. For devices such as Lenovo, Samsung and Kindle.

Hybrid App Development

Cost effective hybrid mobile applications developed using the ionic framework to create feature rich and interactive interfaces.

Showcase App Development

Less complex Android and iPhone applications to help promote your brand and business without the typical associated cost.

SDK Integrations

We can help your development team integrate SDKs into your project such as image processing, social login and Google maps.

Enterprise App Development

Custom built applications to support your business processes and functions, installable by your team on their devices.

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